Dock Improvements

The boathouse is your home away from home, so why not make it a little more inviting. Whether you’re looking to add a dock side kitchenette, storage clos­ets, cabinets, floating dock, dockominium remodel, or a full-blown ground up dockominium build, our licensed staff and contractors can provide: Architectural Drawings Obtaining Required Marina I Corp. of Engineer approvals Electrical & Plumbing Glass & Mirror Flooring, General Carpentry & Framing Floating Docks Painting Bathrooms Specializing in Outdoor Kitchens  Read More

Boat Names and Dock Signs

Choosing your boat name is one of the many pleasures of buying a new or used boat. Yacht Docs offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed custom boat names with professional results every time, specializing in boat lettering and graphics. We are familiar with almost every make and model of boat so please direct your questions and comments to us for free consul­tation. If you find a boat name, lettering or graphic somewhere else, we probably have it. Upon request we offer a free scale digital proof with your order before making a final decision. We can do this by taking a digital...  Read More

Marine Detailing

As a boat owner, one of the easiest and most satisfying feelings has got to come at the end of the week when you step on the dock and board your just cleaned boat.Just show up, load the gear, start the engine, and hit the water to spend the week­end with friends and family. You don’t have to get to the boat hours early to clean up the previous week’s mess. While you or just about anyone else can wash a boat, it’s the time that really matters, So don’t waste yours! Allow Yacht Docs to make your day at...  Read More

Wax & Polish

Hand Waxing Keeping gelcoat coated with wax from day one is the best way to prolong its life. Regularly waxed gelcoat (quarterly) can retain its gloss for 15 years or more. The real purpose of a coat of wax is to protect, however some of our cleaner waxes have some minor restorative properties if the gel coat is not too badly weathered. Most often though, an extended period of time has passed between wax applications, which allows the gel coat to weather and become chalky. Machine Polishing If the gel coat is beyond the restoring power of waxing, the next...  Read More

Spider Nets

Protect your investment even further with Spider Nets with our high­est quality spider net material. This prod­uct is designed to act as an awning fastened below the roof of the boat house to catch all those unwanted droppings from our eight legged friends.  Read More

Shade Curtains

Yacht Docs shade curtains and canopies are specially designed to protect the Boat’s Gel coat and fiberglass from the extreme sun exposure causing oxidation, carpet & curtain fading, not to mention furniture damage.Our boathouse sunshades provide great boathouse privacy and the convenience of opening or closing the curtains to block the sun’s rays while relaxing dockside.  Read More

Specialty Services

Teak & Brite  We offer numerous teak and brite work services. The most popular and standard service is simply refinishing your existing teak through sanding, cleaning, oiling, or varnish. At the other end of the spectrum we can install a brand new turn key teak platform, deck, stairs, or any other surface you desire to have covered. As each application varies greatly, please call for pricing. Hull Cleaning  Boat sit in the water too long? Algae or Calcium buildup on the Hull and Outdrive? There is only one way to get this off. Lots of sweat. This buildup bonds itself...  Read More

From cleaning to construction, let us bring your boat back to life. contact us